Summer Blog Series: From the Intern’s Desk

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Hello! Let me introduce myself: my name is Eliza and I’m the Hammerstone summer assistant. By assistant, I mean intern/photographer/web administrator/gardener/social media guru/graphic designer/errand runner/kitten wrangler/anything and everything else-er.

I will be posting on this blog roughly once a week until the end of the summer. I hope that this will be both a little window into the workings of a small business and a platform to express thoughts and opinions in a more long-form way than a Facebook post.

Also, cat pictures, because that’s what the internet is for.

Sometimes I don't even sit at a desk.

Sometimes my “desk” is not a literal one. This is office kitten Tigre, pictured here making a Tuesday morning 300% cuter.


Anyway. It’s raining, I’m listening to Tracy Chapman, and two kittens are napping on the couch by my desk. My job’s pretty cool. I hope you like hearing about it.

Until next week,

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